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Comment adopter Microsoft Teams ?

Découvrez Teams, l'outil collaboratif et de conversation de groupe de Microsoft, et comment mettre au point une bonne stratégie d'adoption de cette technologie.

Get serious about the human side of IT : Focus on ADOPTION

Change Management Prosci Technology Adoption Adoption Strategy

Humans naturally dislike change Have you ever been challenged by a change in your life, big or small? Think about getting a new car, moving to a new city or having a job! They all have a big - if not huge - impact on

Evolusys becomes the first Snowflake partner in Romandie

cloud data storage Snowflake Data Warehouse Partnership

Evolusys is very proud to announce that we have become the very first official Snowflake - https://www.snowflake.com - partner in the French-speaking part of Switzerland !

Data preparation using Python & Spark in an Azure Databricks environment

Extracting and manipulating huge amount of data can quickly become gruesome. It is especially true if you want to extract data from websites. In this video, we will show you how Azure Databricks can help you in