Before being MVP, consultant, we are men, women with a family !



Before being MVP, consultant, we are men, women with a family. We have ups, downs but as long as we do not know the challenge of a disease, we can say that we are overwhelmed by life. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone like cancer affects many families and sometimes children. A child with cancer should be able to focus on his recovery with his family than spend his childhood in a hospital.

 Personally affected by this initiative, I wish to support and talk about the Apaesic association.

Created by a group of parents of children with cancer and caregivers of pediatric oncology department of the Institut Curie, this association develops numerous solidarity actions to best meet the needs of children patients and their families.
L’APAESIC : « Association des Parents et Amis d’Enfants Soignés à l’Institut Curie » is an association of parents and friends volunteer that aims to help families whose child is or has been treated at this Institut. It was created in 1985, it now has almost 400 members.

Main Objectives :

Improve the child's quality of life and family in the hospital.

  • Direct financial assistance to families and urgent.
  • Accommodation support, meal tickets provision and transportation help.

Provide moral and material support to children with cancer and their families.

  • Help in the creation of the “Maison des Parents”, purchase of laptops for the sterile sector, development of the Hall Teens, creating a terraces for parents and buying furniture and comfortable equipment.
  • Co-financing clowns activities, music workshops, writing, visual arts, pottery.
  • Purchase of toys and games for the game room.
  • Organization and financing trips and outings for children such as Christmas party or snacks.

Help in medical research projects related to children's tumors.

  • Improving the quality of care for children with retinoblastoma.
  • Research on neuroblastoma and sarcoma.

Inform all families and the public.

  • Physical and biweekly telephone permanence.
  • Co-writing a handbook for parents.
  • Setup of a website and regular publication of newsletters.

Dialogue with professionals

  • Dialogue with the reform Ministry of the parental attendance allowance and special education.
  • Founding member of the UNAPECLE (National Union of Associations of Parents of Children with Cancer and Leukaemia) since 2003: representation of public authorities and dialogue with other associations.

Access the information brochure(pdf).

Supporting actions of APAESIC is constantly remain attentive to the children, parents and caregivers too. This is to anticipate their needs, imagine how to make the least painful possible life in hospital, at home, at school, during and after the treatments and thus prevent "unexpected events" of life. A child treated at Curie once said "this life is huge and full of dangers."

To continue this mission, APAESIC needs your generosity.

Feel free to visit the website to learn more.