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Chatbots supporting your contact centers and service desks

AI technology is more accessible and actionable than you think – get it, today


In these dire times, we absolutely need to adapt – quickly – to new ways of living, of working. We are in 2020, and while some changes are absolutely visible and make our temporary new life simpler: Internet, Streaming, Cloud computing, Laptops… others are less visible.

The need for information

Being isolated, and working from home, increases tremendously our needs for interaction, information, transactions – and this cannot be in person.

We therefore interact through emails, phone… conferences, and in some cases: instant messaging / chats – mostly made available on ecommerce web sites.

But there is one important drawback: in the majority of cases, these communications require a human on the other side of the comm link.

And this is why wait times are so long, wasting precious minutes in queues, waiting for days for a reply to an email – resulting in frustration, anxiety, stress, loss of productivity…

And for the people tasked with providing answers, there is a lot of stress due the increase in workloads, while the value really created is difficult to measure.

Enter Chatbots and automation technologies

What if your contact center agents got some help from new – invisible and very efficient colleagues.

These colleagues will unrelentingly provide answers to the most common, most asked questions - within a well identified domain of expertise, without any delay. They never tire, never get bored, improve over time, will not compete with your existing workforce, can show some humor and a friendly face.

Your customers or employees will get answers to their questions in no time, improving their overall satisfaction with your organization.

  • These new colleagues, in their most basic implementations, will:
  • work 24/7;answer numerous concurrent customers;
  • note the questions for which they have no answers;
  • redirect to appropriate web sites, forms;
  • perform a contextual search in knowledge bases;
  • compute statistics on their own performance 

In more advanced scenarios, they also will:

  • engage in 60+ languages;
  • on several different channels (SMS, Web, Audio, Facebook, Skype, Teams…);
  • perform transactions;
  • speak through audio channels (voice);
  • determine the tone (sentiment) of the customer, and react accordingly;
  • Automatically create a ticket to the support
  • transfer the call to humans if and when required;
  • and much more…

Chatbots and automation technologies are available today. And they are not Sci-Fi, in fact, they have been out there for quite a while now – and they are now mature.

Is it adapted to your organization? – chatbot scenarios

Chatbots and automation can prove extremely useful in Business to Customer and Business to Employee scenarios.

Any organization who has service center, engaging and providing answers to customers, partners and / or employees can benefit from a bot alongside your current service center employees.

The knowledge domain of the chatbot can be any knowledge base currently used by your service center employees, i.e. FAQs, Websites, Howtos, KBs, Manuals, Guides, Intranets.

Bot technologies, can easily ingest (read from) these sources to shape the knowledge domain of the bot. This can prove to be a very quick implementation path to a working bot, ready for testing.

Not to be neglected, all bots, and actually all AI based solutions, will need to be supported through their learning, much like a person who would be taking a new position.   

Think of it as a new recruit, fresh out of school, being “coached” into performance and effectiveness… bots are no different.

How long will it take to get a new bot ? It depends mostly on the quality of your knowledge base. But getting a working bot ready for testing, can be done in just a few days.

How do we approach chatbots @ Evolusys

Bots projects start with the following considerations:

For example, we have grouped the possible Use Cases as follows:


Bots are not complicated, but they simply require attention.

They can provide an extremely effective communication solution, not as a replacement for your current channels, but as an extension.

They are becoming mainstream because they have improved in quality and react in a progressively more natural way.

The best companies out there can help you – and real life experience is important.

@Evolusys – we have close to 15 successful bots in production.

Let’s discuss…


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