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Every day, computers and electronics devices are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives.

We are used to using them through keyboards, mice, touch screens. But what if we were to use them through our most natural channel : language , and enjoy a thoroughly transparent experience ?

How is interacting the Microsoft Bot Framework

We are already using some voices assistants in our cars, our smartphones or through connected devices to realize basics tasks like sending a message, create a meeting, etc. 

But could we not go further and create interactions with intelligent solutions for almost any need, knowledge, transactons ?

This is where the new Microsoft Bot framework comes in (check out our business case)! It provides everything we need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking. Messages can be initiated in Skype, through a discussion with Cortana, through a request in Slack, by e-mail, Office 365 or any web site.


Microsoft Bot channel


The real power of this framework, beyond the ability to understand natural language, is to be able to tap into any external services, such as those provided by the Microsoft environment:

  • Azure
  • Office 365
  • Cognitive services / Artificial Intelligence
  • Etc..

So the developers are able to build bots quickly just by integrating your existing applicatons and knowledge bases, and revamping them wth a new conversational channel. 

For example: Companies can easily build a bot that provides information about your company on your website. It is going to understand the visitor question and give him back the correct answer through text, image, graphics, links and so on.

Example of a weather card return by a bot regarding a question about the weather :

Example of a weather card return by a bot regarding a question about the weather 

Find your perfect partner to build your bots

Evolusys has been accompanying customers on Microsoft technologies for years. Theses engagements gave us :

  • A good ability to understand your business needs
  • A proven expertise on the Microsoft environment
  • A privileged relation with Microsoft

All these points help us develop solutions leveraging the most up to date approaches, technologies and best practices.

When Microsoft first released the bot framework, Evolusys immediately built solutions demonstrating the capabilities of this new way of interaction. Following these proofs of concept and similar projects, Evolusys believes that conversational interfaces provide the User eXperience of tomorrow !

  • It gives a more natural interaction with your users
  • It uses the real language
  • No computer literacy requred
  • It provides a simpler interface that make it easy to use
  • Fast to market 
  • Agile and future proof


You would like to discover more about Bots? We will be happy to discuss with you further about it!





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