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Tags: Ai, Azure, Artificial Intelligence

AI : simplify your search for relevant information to save money

WHY - RETURN ON INVESTMENT A knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours per day searching for information. Based on a recent study in 2018, troubles in locatin...

by Onur Yuruten on 25 février 2019
Tags: Alteryx, Data Analytics, spatial tools, decision making

Spatial Tools and Data Analytics for decision making – The Evolusys case

Evolusys is a small but fast-growing company. Two years ago, we were 20 and today almost 30. Although we anticipated this growth, it is now time to mo...

by Francis Incourt on 20 février 2019
Tags: Business Intelligence, Dashboard, Microsoft BI, PowerBi, marketing, social, White Paper, Azure

Social Media Analytics - Boost your market Awareness with AI and Power BI

  Why digital feedback is necessary for marketing Social media spans an ever-increasing role in our public and private communications. As such, compan...

by Onur Yuruten on 06 février 2019
Tags: Business Intelligence, Dashboard, Microsoft BI, Big data, PowerBi, White Paper

Comment Power BI garantit le contrôle et la qualité de vos données au sein de l’entreprise - White Paper

Avez-vous déjà été exposé à des problématiques d’informations partielles ou inexactes au sein de votre pôle ? Depuis des décennies, de nombreuses orga...

by Annabelle Phillips on 21 septembre 2018
Tags: Big data, innovation, Ai, machine learning, White Paper, text analysis, data visualization

Text Analysis for Asset Management Systems download our White Paper

Asset management systems, which helps its users monitor and maintain their financial assets, can greatly benefit from the Automated Analysis of Indust...

by Onur Yuruten on 06 septembre 2018
Tags: Big data, Microsoft, cloud, partner, innovation, IOT, Azure

Evolusys Consultants join Microsoft's Azure Advisors Program

Last week we announced our nomination to the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Program. This week, we are proud to announce that three (3) Evolusys colleagues...

by Evolusys SA on 31 août 2018

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