Text Analysis for Asset Management Systems download our White Paper

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Asset management systems, which helps its users monitor and maintain their financial assets, can greatly benefit from the Automated Analysis of Industry, Competitive and Finance news. 

Evolusys joins the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program

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Evolusys is excited to announce that it has been admitted, by Microsoft, in an elite partners group : the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program. To be part of the  program, companies need to provide evidence of

Leveraging preferences in recommender system download our White Paper

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Machine learning helps businesses improve their cross-selling capabilities and increase customer loyalty. In fact, many companies nowadays deploy recommender systems, which infer their customers’ preferences to

How Machine Learning can Predict Non Conformities

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Only a very small percentage of customers willchurn. Manufacturing machines will malfunction perhaps twice a year. Only 0.1 % of transactions will be fraudulent.  Yet, it is too costly to ignore these rare