Business case

Microsoft Bot Framework


The Challenge 

Business Case Microsoft Bot Framework



Business Case Microsoft Bot Framework
Every day, customers has to be connected to a lot of different channels to interact with their company’s applications. Every one of these application need time to be used correctly an effectively. On another way, every company doesn’t provide a proper and easy way to consult or interact with real data.  





This is where the new Microsoft Bot framework comes in ! It provides everything we need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking. Messages can be initiated in Skype, through a discussion with Cortana, through a request in Slack, by e-mail, Office 365 or any web site. 



  • It gives a more natural interaction with your users
  • It uses the real language
  • No computer literacy required
  • It provides a simpler interface that make it easy to use
  • Fast to market
  • Agile and future proof



Business Case Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Bot framework
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services: example : Language Understanding intelligent Service (LUIS)
  • Based on C# or Node.js
  • Use Rest API
  • 14 integrated channel of interactions : Skype, Slack, Facebook, etc.




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