Business Case

Migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint


The Challenge 




Several organisations consider moving their Lotus Notes environments to more modern platforms such as SharePoint and Exchange. While Email migration maps directly to Exchange, Notes Applications can take several diverse shapes : Content databases, Directories and Contact Lists, Calendars, Workflow based apps, etc.. SharePoint is often the best candidate for Notes apps, but it lacks a solid workflow and forms component.



 The Solution

The Nintex family of products (Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex Live and Nintex Mobile) provide a compelling 'low code' environment to draw your processes and execute them, from within SharePoint. Nintex will automate repetitive tasks, integrate with other apps as well as cloud services, and allow you to participate in processes even on the go. Nintex is THE key to a modern, agile solution building experience - letting organisations deliver production ready apps in a matter of days, not months.




  • Draw, don't code your workflows and forms
  • Automate your business processes, simple or complex
  • Leverage complete auditing, reporting and management capabilities
  • Integrate with your line-of-business and cloud solutions
  • Design intelligent forms, targeted at desktops, smartphones and tablets
  • Create mobile solutions, without code, suitable for low bandwidth and offline scenarios
  • Extend your business solutions beyond the firewall, without the complexity of extranets
  • Gather pictures, videos - read barcode, attach documents, data directly into your processes
  • And much, much more...



  • Nintex Solutions
  • Nintex Workflow: draw and execute your business processes... from within SharePoint
  • Nintex Forms: visually build intelligent forms
  • Nintex Mobile : generate mobile apps without code
  • Nintex Live : extend your processes to the cloud (salesforce, docusign, O365, and many others....)
  • Microsoft SharePoint (On-premise / Online)
  • Mobile devices : Windows 8 and up, iOS, Android
  • DELL Notes Migrator for SharePoint
  • WebServices (SOAP / REST)

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