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Discover the PowerBI world - PowerBi V2


The Challenge 

Discover the Power Bi WorldDiscover the Power Bi WorldToday, some perceive data as essential to their day to day work, others feel it is pervasive, but today, everyone agrees that data permeates every industry, every role. Making sense of this data, getting meaningful insights, is often a challenge: a user either relies on IT to deliver powerful analysis, but at the expense of time and costs… or they use their Excel skills and create their own raw tools, again at the expense of time and money – their own… But today’s decision maker is also incredibly more technology savvy, and current tools are either too simple, or too expensive



 The Solution

Enter PowerBI Desktop (first edition: July 2015), Microsoft’s completely reimagined tool that empowers business users to deliver relevant insights – simple and direct. PowerBI desktop is a free download from Microsoft, with a compelling and easy to learn user interface. You can get started visualising and analysing your data, coming from pretty much all major data providers out there (on prem, cloud, exotic… ). With Power BI Desktop, a user can connect to one or more data sources, blend the various data feeds, create compelling visualisations but also share them with co workers, the company, and more recently people outside the organisation and the public internet. PowerBI desktop, as a free download, is THE solution (check out our blog here) for efficient Self-Service BI at an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio – while remaining totally compatible and manageable with your company’s IT landscape.




  • Complete Self-Service BI Package in one easy to use application
  • Stellar cost-benefit offering 
  • Easy to learn, yet powerful BI package 
  • Completely and seamlessly integrated in Office365 
  • Attach simply to all of today’s major content sources
  • Leverage and extend your current BI investments



  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Microsoft Office 365 (optional) 
  • Microsoft SQL Server for BI (SSAS, SSIS – optional)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (for On-Prem publishing)


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