Business Case

Business Intelligence Portal


The Challenge 



Customer has hundreds of reports, loosely stored in shared folders, but continuously used by the company. Automated mechanism generate these reports, at various frequencies – from daily to monthly. It is nearly impossible to know which reports are frequently used, which ones are very rarely used.. and by how many users. Furthermore, from the users’ perspective, it is almost impossible to know about all reports… users will simply go to the documents they know…




The Solution


Business Intelligence Self-Service portal. Evolusys created a Self-Service Business Intelligence portal, providing an elegant, intuitive and user friendly delivery mechanism for dashboards and reports. From this portal, users are always authenticated, and the technology chosen allows a trusted security environment all the way to the source, limiting the number of different reports required. Furthermore, usage monitoring from the portal allows administrators to know exactly which reports are most requested, and which ones should be sunset. Lastly, through the portal, users can share opinions, views, observations on the shared dashboards, providing on the spot, insightful information beyond what the reports convey.





  • Secure, Centralised, Personalised delivery mechanism for Business Intelligence
  • User Friendly portal maximising adoption and usage
  • Automated metrics collection for continuous improvement of dashboards
  • Social tools allow tagging and commenting for user enrichment of analysis
  • Security context preservation limits duplication of reports
  • Provides a secure path towards Self-Service BI
  • Simplified consumption from Mobile devices
  • And much, much more...


  • Tableau Software / PowerBI
  • Tableau Server / PowerBI and SharePoint Integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Theobald Software – SAP Data Extraction 

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