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Hot topics : Brand awareness, Brand usage, Counterfeiting, Reputation, HENRY, LifeStyle Experiences

Innovative solutions can automatically detect sentiments in posts, in consumer discussions, brand citations, brand usage in pictures, etc. Machine learning can help you automatically segment your customers and present them with timely and accurate information. Social listening can help you identify trends and let you act proactively.


Hot topics : eGovernement, Transparency, Productivity, Digital Citizen

Conversational Interfaces (bots) can dramatically improve relations with citizens - by providing relevant answers based on simple questions. Virtual assistants, leveraging existing knowledge bases, can help disseminate relevant information while offloading call centers and help desks. Unanswered questions can be tracked in order to create a continuous learning loop. Process automation can improve productivity and traceability, with intelligent workflows performing the repetitive tasks while human decision making is brought back to center stage. 


Hot topics : Customer Service, Productivity, Reputation, Communication, Compliance, GDPR

Communication and collaboration, across timezones and geographies, can be brought to the next level using modern platforms that automate knowledge sharing, mobility, audio and video communication, automated real-time transcription and translation, video indexation, etc.. Modern workflow technologies can help streamline repetitive tasks and greatly improve productivty and compliance, while ensuring that employee's time is spent on value creating activities. Provide actionable insights by merging Intelligence Dashboards and Workflow systems in a single coherent solution. Keep track of remediation actions and measure their impact to create a self-learning system. Ensure robust B2B communication through modern Application to Application interfaces, APIs. 


Hot topics : Forecasting and trends, Clean Energy, Communication

Advanced analytics and Machine Learning can help predict trends in demand, production, prices, etc... Advances in modern analytics and Data Visualisation provides more power to analysts and traders. Machine analysis of structured and unstructured contents, including automated topic mapping and alerting, can provide insights on market events and improve decision making. Advances in metering, new energy generation mechanisms, new needs in grid management can be solved by applying Internet of Things patterns, along with advanced analytics, to allow for remote management, alerting and monitoring. Mobile applications help the service teams get the job done.


Hot topics : Customer acquisition and retention, Productivity, Blockchain

Apply predictive patterns and machine learning to detect potentially churning customers. Improve customer relationship and retention by providing efficient and modern communication channels including conversational interfaces (bots). Consider the impact of Blockchain technologies on trading. Improve trading and decision making through automated information collection, classification, analysis and alerting. 


Hot topics : Process Quality and Control, Auditing, Supply Chain Optimisation

Enable preventive maintenance by analyzing production line data and alerting on outliers using advanced analytics and AI. Improve productivity while ensuring traceability through task automation. Streamline production lines by automating manuals access, automate quality controls, generate quality documents automatically, introduce digital signature to ensure auditability and compliance. Provide ubiquitous access to quality systems, quality manuals.   


Hot topics : Brand and Mission Awareness, Donator Relationship Management, Transparency and Reporting

Improve communication on mission through conversational interfaces (bots). Improve donator relationship management through dedicated mobile apps, with donation history and interests. Improve transparency and reporting through process automation. Learn about your reputation through social network analysis and sentiment analysis. Collate information about the efficiency of your actions through automated impact analysis, surveys, IoT and automated data collection mechanisms. 



Hot topics : Regulatory compliance, Process efficiency, Quality control, Reputation and awareness

Ensure proper communication and usage of your products through social media monitoring. Ensure compliance through task automation, digital signature, process based solution. Ensure solid B2B communication through modern extranet and Application to Application interfaces. Move towards individual health solutions through the use of predictive and machine learning algorthims. Streamline communications with health professionals, but also influencers and consumers, through the introduction of natural language channels as a new media for product specific knowledge bases.