Trophée The Challenge 


Business Case Microsoft Bot FrameworkBusiness Case Microsoft Bot Framework



Every day, customers has to be connected to a lot of different channels to interact with their company’s applications. Every one of these application need time to be used correctly an effectively. On another way, every company doesn’t provide a proper and easy way to consult or interact with real data.  

Ampoule The Solution


This is where the new Microsoft Bot framework comes in! It provides everything we need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking. Messages can be initiated in Skype, through a discussion with Cortana, through a request in Slack, by e-mail, Office 365 or any web site. 


bar-chart-1 Benefits


  • It gives a more natural interaction with your users
  • It uses the real language
  • No computer literacy required
  • It provides a simpler interface that make it easy to use
  • Fast to market
  • Agile and future proof


devices Technology


Business Case Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Bot framework
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services: example : Language Understanding intelligent Service (LUIS)
  • Based on C# or Node.js
  • Use Rest API
  • 14 integrated channel of interactions : Skype, Slack, Facebook, etc.