Because technology is a means, not an end

Our creativity tackling your challenges

Today, in this fast-paced world we live in, our jobs involve a great deal of problem solving. The problems themselves are as diverse in source, nature and frequency as the myriads of possible solutions. Evolusys believes that the quality of a solution is proportional to the relevance of the problem to be solved.  

And as cleverly pointed out by Aaron Shapiro in his article on thenextweb, real innovation is about solving problems.. not just having ideas.

Solving problems starts with carefully defining the problem itself, and identifying clearly environmental aspects (people, technologies, policies, legal) of the challenge at hand. Only then can options be evaluated, and at this stage, it is unlikely that technology is 100% of the solution.

Evolusys' approach to problem solving follows these steps:

  • Problem definition (who, when, what, why, how)
  • Potential solutions (people, process, tools)
  • ROI and TCO estimates
  • Project scoping
  • Proof of Concept
  • Pilot and Next Steps

New technologies, new possibilities - connecting the dots

Recent years have seen the convergence of so many technologies, that creativity and knowledge are the limiting factors towards efficient solutions.

Think about Smartphones and Tablets, 4G, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Interfaces (Bots), Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Vision, Speech and Text Recognition, and others... the challenge is to know enough about what these can offer to know how to assemble them in meaningful ways - connecting the dots.

Some examples :

Advanced Analytics

  • For Sales / Marketing / Operations - Business Intelligence Bots reporting on performance through Natural Language interactions
  • For Knowledge Workers – Analytics Based Expert System suggesting solutions delivered automated by workflows, with feedback loops
  • For Operations - Support Predictive Maintenance by Using IoT data from Intelligent machines to prevent quality and performance issues
  • For Knowledge Workers - Self-Service BI Governance and Automated BI Delivery supporting Discovery and Governance with Search, Tagging and Workflows


Cloud Solutions

  • Process Automation: Automate company wide processes, mobile enabled, IA based
  • Knowledge Bots : Expose Company Knowledge through intelligence bots (FAQs, HR, Legal, HowTos, Etc…)
  • Tenant to Tenant migrations : Analyse and Deliver O365 Tenant to Tenant mergers, splits, reorgs
  • Lotus Notes migration : Automated migrations of Lotus Notes Apps to O365 / SharePoint
  • Low Code Mobile Apps : Mobile apps combining workflows and mobile UXs