Financial Services & Controlling

Evolusys help you improve customer relationship and retention rate with modern communication channels including conversationnal bots, while assisting your trading and decision making ability with automated classification of data, analysis and alerting.

Financial cockpit

Finance is the fuel of any company, a key resource that needs to be managed properly. In order to do so, you need a clear vision. A financial performance reporting tool, such as a financial cockpit using Power BI is an absolute necessity to visualize your company’s financial health, by giving insights on your revenues, EBTDIA, top customers and leads, liabilities and profit-and-loss accounts.

A Financial Cockpit report provides a clear insight into how your company was financed, the way the target performance was achieved and the extent to which your company will be able to meet its obligations in the short term.

The Financial Cockpit report shows all your company’s key financial figures at a glance.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • See all your data in a single view, from summary to account level details
  • Discover new patterns using dynamic filtering and explore your data from different granularities
  • Make decisions faster with real-time updates

Profitability report

Profitability analysis makes it possible to anticipate sales and profits specific to market aspects such as customer age groups, geographical regions or product types. Therefore, it's easier to discover which customers accounts are meeting performance expectations, and which are not.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Forecast financial and operational scenarios to understand the impacts of “what-if” on profitability, course correct when necessary
  • Identify the most and least profitable clients, products or services
  • Isolate and remedy the causes of decreasing profit margins
  • Optimize responses to changing customer needs


Stock Obsolescence Management

Stock management is paramount for any company delivering products. A lower stock level means less storage costs, but less reactivity, while higher stock levels imply more risks, costs and potential lesser margin due to stock obsolescence. In any case there is a risk that needs to be addressed, and a balance to be found. Consequently the right tool to find it !

With modern analytical reporting tool you can keep track of your stock with very short update times. Firms can get an overview of their stock at different levels, from an annual perspective to a daily one.

Because a tighter stock management means less stock obsolescence, the new available analysis tools can help companies reduce their waste and increase their profit margins. Thanks to these tools such as Power BI, it is possible to track stock obsolescence on different levels, from a time or a product point of view for example.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Accurate granular and macro analysis that helps to capture the full complexity of your inventory management and stock obsolescence
  • Always up-to-date reports and dashboards that your employees can consult at any time, on every device
  • Modern analytical tools to tightly managed stock obsolescence and avoiding unnecessary profit margins losses


Capex Management

Capital Expenditure Management Report helps companies manage cross enterprise capital expenditures. Because capital expenditures have a major impact on cash flow and can encumber corporate funds for years, they require close scrutiny at all levels within a corporation.

Capital projects are generally expensive, complex, involve a high degree of risk, they have rigid timescales, are capacity intensive and mostly of strategic importance for the company.

As a consequence, it is critical that capital projects are closely managed.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Get granular detail in real time on your capital projects, updates and complete spend visibility.
  • Detect unexpected cost and changes and react quickly for corrective actions
  • Quickly search any project, open or closed, and view project details with just a few clicks.
  • Forecast capital spending and comply with corporate procurement policies
  • Share reports out to the right teams in just a few clicks

Expense Management

Expense analytics enables your business to compare expenses with budgets, ensuring that you are not overspending or indulging wasteful expenditure. It increases transparency and gives detailed insights for your company head to address irrelevant or extravagant expenses and help them make strategic decision and careful planning.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Analyze and track expenditures based on project-specific, vendor-specific and region-specific data.
  • Identify your biggest costs to curb excess spending.
  • Track KPIs such as open approvals aging to fix reimbursement bottlenecks.
  • Ensure that your data is always up-to-date with automatic updates.

This way companies can make informed decisions on offering incentives or rewards to strong performers. This will further encourage employees to adopt smart spending habits and saving tips.


Having lot of data doesn’t mean that managers are more aware of the company’s situation. Only with the right data reporting tool will they be able to visualize a situation, and take the right decision.

Companies that understand the value of fine-tuning this data can gain significant competitive advantages. These new analytical tools enable companies to easily and immediately analyze data from different systems across all layers of their company, allowing them to break down silos and obtain a clear and accurate view of the company's situation.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Comprehensive support to ensure the best data processing methods, from data collection to predictive analysis
  • State-of-the-art analytical tools that provide insightful analyzes that address the full complexity of your company
  • Always up-to-date dashboards that your managers can access everywhere, to take the best data driven decisions

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