With digitalization, customers are always more informed and demanding. Therefore, it is essential for any insurer to deploy digital tools to help acquire and retain its policyholders.

With tailor-made sales recommender & churn analysis reports, Evolusys helps you leverage the right technologies for your market competitivity.

Churn Analysis

Will your customers drop out? Would an offer or some interesting propositions help you retain your customer base?

You will have only few instances of churn before it becomes an irreversible trend. Traditional analysis methods fall short of delivering the much needed insights and forecasts.

Evolusys proposes to deliver you its churn forecasting service, which accurately lays out the potential churners, their demographics and other factors that influence this potential.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Enhanced understanding of churners
  • Early detection of potential churns and thus increased chances of prevention.
  • Churn detection
  • Power BI visualizations


Client acquisition – sales & marketing recommender system

The insurance sector is highly competitive, and you want to optimize your sales and marketing strategies for your various insurance products.

Just as your products are various, so are your clients. There isn’t a single sales strategy that will work for everyone. You need a data-driven approach to your marketing.

Evolusys proposes you a recommender system that suggests smart distributions for your efforts. Our solution will tell you on which region of operations should you increase the number of phone calls or intensity of other advertisement strategies, and when should you expect the return of investment.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Unified view of sales & marketing performance of your insurance products across your regions of operation.
  • Accurate suggestions of marketing actions and their expected
  • Time series analysis and recommender systems
  • Power BI visualizations


Claim Analysis Search Engine

When your clients make claims (such as accidents, damage to property, healthcare bills), you would like to thoroughly analyse the relevant pieces of information and give an accurate evaluation of the situation before making a decision.

Not every pertinent piece of information is easily accessible. Many images and documents need to be scanned and analysed. This increases the time and effort to process a claim.

Evolusys proposes cognitive search solution, which renders any type of document accessible with its indexing capabilities. As a result, the end-users can simply type in some key words to get what they are looking for.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Unified digital records of your customers
  • Increase claims / bills processing
  • Decrease document search time
  • Cognitive search engine: a pipeline of AI skills, including OCR technology and text analytics, to enrich your documents with valuable indices
  • Front-end development.


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