Logistics requires planning in timely, and cost-effective manner. With the help of modern analytics, Evolusys brings you hands-on tools to manage the enormous amount of data, and better predict what tomorrow needs will be.

Logistics carrier

The flow of data generation is now uninterrupted with new collecting technologies like sensors, IoT devices and GPS. Logistics sector being highly competitive with thin profit margins, it has become crucial to analyze effectively the ever-growing amount of data.

Having huge amount of data doesn’t mean companies can get useful insights of it. But thanks to the latest predictive tools, it is possible to adapt decision-making in real time. All data management processes need to be considered, from data recording to predictive analytics.

Evolusys can deliver innovative analytical tools giving your company a birds-eye view of your entire supply chain.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Get complete management of data processing, from acquisition to predictive analyzes
  • Build long-term relationships with your customers by having truly real-time analytics to improve efficiency
  • Use AI predictive tools to take more informed decisions to optimize your business


Company Logistics

FIFO, LIFO, just-in-time, all proven logistics management methods. But with global operations and worldwide customers, companies face new challenges to ensure good logistics management. Fortunately, as these challenges are growing new analytical tools are available with capabilities never seen before.

Due to siloed organization structure, most companies cannot get a complete view of their logistics. The new analytical tools provide holistic vision of the companies logistics, thanks to their ability to analyze data from different sources and give powerful insights from those.

By helping you get a better understanding of your logistics, your company can ensure the most efficient inventory management and save costs and time. You can reduce work in progress and ensure very short delivery times, to best satisfy your customers.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Powerful analytical tools, offering a holistic views of your logistic networks to break silos, thanks to data cross-referencing from different areas of your company.
  • Get always up-to-date data analyses that ensures efficient inventory management, cost and time saving. Get status of all your warehouses at a glance, wherever you are.
  • Improve customer relationships through efficient inventory management and faster deliveries


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