Modern Analytics

With Azure, PowerBi and SQL Server
With Azure, PowerBi and SQL Server

Modern Analytics

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Big Data, No-SQL, Social, Media, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, IOT and Social Media are current topics which appear in numerous publications, topic can be interpreted in multiple ways. The data volume will increase  massively over the next few years and several companies are facing this new challenge with different approach. 


Managing multi-structured and massive data imply knowing how to collect, process, organize and analyze Big Data whatever the data source, the data size and the industry. This also requires a new Business Model to ensure their durability.



As a specialist in Advanced Analytics with a dedicated team of data scientists, Evolusys possesses the business knowledge and the analytical expertise essential to the success of your projects.

Our Expertise

Modern BI Strategy & Governance 

Evolusys advise you to define an enterprise-wide BI strategy through to the successful implementation of a suitable, integrated solution for your company. Our consultants are always at your side with experience on BI Governance a complete knowledge of tools and methodologies. 

Data Science 

Evolusys is aware of the new Machine learning and Deep learning paradigm. With dedicated team of data scientist, we will help you to implement descriptive predictive and prescriptive analytics

IOT (Internet Of Things)

Internet Of Things is a new trend that will probably dominate the next few years. This modern technology came with new questions such as:

  • How can I ingest those data?
  • How can I analysis those data in real time (Data Streaming)?
  • How can I perform time series analysis?
  • How can I perform predictions and recommendations to generate added value?

Our team of data scientists will help you to implement end to end IOT projects.

BIG Data Storage & Data Management 

Data storage is becoming important for more and more companies. This central Data storage can respond to many needs such as create an enterprise landing zone for the entire company, store relational and non-relational data.
Evolusys support you with data integration, data consolidation, data historization and data management.

Cloud Big Data Laboratory

Evolusys is using Azure Cortana Intelligence suite to offer rapid prototyping,
This Big Data platform considerably shortens the time periods for implementing your advanced analytical projects.

  • We deliver services in the form of Paas (Platform as a Service) or SAAS (Software as a Service).
  • We propose agile prototyping and Proof of Value with
  • We deliver cost-controlled (payable according to use), scalable and elastic analytical solutions.
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