Meet Nelson

Name: Nelson
Title: Junior consultant
Branch: Smart Workplace
Team: Custom solution
Location: Geneva / Morges


Since very young I was passionate about computers. I had fun assembling and disassembling computers. I've decided very early that I wanted to do my studies in computer science. So in 2009 I started studying IT. During my studies, I could do IT internships especially in web and mobile development which gave me a taste of the professional world.

Your start at Evolusys

During my last year of studies in 2017-2018, I joined Evolusys. At first I realized prototypes related to artificial intelligence for the company. Including an application that manages to estimate the age, sex and mood of a person, live. Then I made a Smart ChatBot for Evolusys to help customers learn more about the company. Subsequently, this bot chat prototype has become a service offered by Evolusys.

The work at Evolusys

I work most often on short projects of one or two months. The projects are generally quite complex and interesting, but I have the chance to be well supervised by older colleagues who have the knowledge to unlock me very quickly, if needed. Everything is easier when you are part of a team that is always ready to help.

The Evo impact on your life

It can be said that I grew up at Evolusys. I was able to go through the different phases of the consulting world. I was able to follow various projects of infrastructure, development, and I had the chance to be able to build my professional career as I wished it. The managers are listening and giving great advice and guidance on projects that best fit your chosen evolution.

Evolusys' colleagues

Certainly one of the best parts of the job. I am fortunate to have at Evolusys more than colleagues, but real friends, who are not only helping and great at work, but also always ready to go on after-work and team building events.

A tip for those who want to work at Evolusys?

You have to love new challenges and work on current and innovative technologies, be a team player, and, of course, enjoy the after-work.

If you have those qualities, then good luck !

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