Non-Governemental Organization

NGOs are doing a difficult job, and are often dependent on external funding. Digital transformation can help keep up with the organization's benefactors. Evolusys will improve donor management through dedicated mobile applications, improves transparency and reporting through process automation, and helps keep its audience in tune through social media analysis and analysis of feelings.

Funding Management Dashboard

NGOs are facing reporting needs for every cent spent to ever more demanding donors. Therefore, they need highly accurate and always available analytical tools. And since a lot of NGOs are working in an international context, these new tools must allow team members to work remotely on the same robust data sources, whenever and wherever they need it. In addition, NGOs sometimes manage extremely dangerous situations, so there is no room for error caused by wrong data analysis. They need the most accurate data always available and up-to-date.

Thanks to the new analytical tools, NGOs can report very accurately to their donors, with the ability to track each expenditure at the finest level of detail. With such fine money management, they can ensure the most efficient distribution of available funds. Working in different countries with time difference is made possible thanks to cloud storage and new simultaneous and asynchronous work options available.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Accurately track each donation and know its precise allocation for accountability towards donors.
  • Help transnational teams to collaborate more effectively on the same data thanks to cloud storage availability.
  • Get a complete overview of their funding, with the opportunity to explore every aspect of their funding situation.



Donor Relationship Management Dashboard

Raising funds from donors is becoming increasingly difficult. Indeed, the market is saturated, and donors are constantly being solicited. Building long-term relationships with donors has become a challenge as they tend to be more generous but with donations spread over several NGOs. In this situation, it has become crucial for NGOs to send the right donation request to the right donor at the right time.

Thanks to the use, for example, of a CRM coupled with a modern analytical tool, it is now possible for NGOs to fine-tune their fundraising campaigns to ensure the sound financing of their activities. They will also reduce their fundraising costs with less unsolicited donation requests, leaving them more money to fulfill their mission.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Create more personalized fundraising campaigns thanks to valuable information about your donors.
  • Build more robust relationships with your donors thanks to the enhanced monitoring of donor solicitations.
  • Fund efficiently each fundraising campaign, thereby reducing costs and increasing donations.
  • Send the right message to the right person, thus ensuring a high return on investment.



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