Public Sector

Governments are in great demand and need to be always responsive. The implementation of new technologies will improve existing services and structures, and allow individuals to better focus on key points.

Predictive Maintenance

Public service institutions are typically responsible in distributing vital utilities such as electricity and water. This requires them to maintain the corresponding infrastructure and equipment.

Because the remaining useful life (RUL) of the equipment depends on multiple factors, it is often inefficient to follow a maintenance routine with regular intervals: either the equipment still has RUL and it’s wasted, or the device suffers a malfunction before the check-up date which incurs additional costs on top of the regular maintenance costs.

Thanks to the ubiquity of IoT devices, we can measure and report equipment information. In turn, we can run our forecasting and anomaly detection routines to improve the maintenance process.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Reduced delay in interventions
  • Make the best out of the equipment’s remaining useful life.
  • forecasting and anomaly detection with Azure AI Stack
  • Real-time and historical data visualization with Power BI




Public Document Search Engine

Our public institutions deliver a large variety of services every day.

However, each service may have different requirements, procedures, tied to different legislations and public records. Each of the documents associated with these services may be in different forms, they may be fully digitalized or simply scanned from paper. It costs time and effort for both the public officers and citizens to find the relevant information.

In Evolusys, we propose our cognitive search solution, which renders any type of document accessible with its indexing capabilities. As a result, the end-users can simply type in some key words to get what they are looking for.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Increase service speed
  • Decrease document search time
  • Cognitive search engine: a pipeline of AI skills, including OCR technology,text analytics and image recognition to enrich your documents with valuable indices
  • Front-end development.


Service and Inspection scheduling

Public offices responsible of utility subscriptions would like to optimize their schedules for on-site services delivery and inspections.External factors, such as traffic, may introduce unforeseen delays in service deliveries.

Evlusys proposes you a suite of IoT, real-time information tracking, and scheduling solutions to keep you informed and help you optimize your decision-making process.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Global view, historical and real-time visualization of traffic and other factors that influence the implementation of your schedules.
  • Reduced time for traveling for your inspectors
  • Maximized daily amount of on-site service deliveries and inspections
  • Optimal scheduling routines
  • Power BI visualizations


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