In sales, the customer is at the center of all concerns, and building a strong customer relationship is essential. Only a wide knowledge of one's tastes, preferences and behaviors can build this relationship. The support of AI and Machine Learning helps to better understand your clientele, and how to interact with your customers.



Managing a sales department can be complex regarding the many data sources and high volume of data generated. Detecting hidden patterns requires to cross data from different sources.

With perfectly-tuned tools, your company will have hands on accurate sales metrics to improve performance, accountability and optimize sales activities. Hidden patterns are then brought to light and managers have instant access to powerful insights that help them optimize their sales, and make more accurate forecasts.

Evolusys can build you sales reports highlighting your sales evolution, with many possibilities to drill-down to more detailed information in a single click.

With different KPIs available in the reporting dashboard, your managers can track each aspect of their department using dynamic visualizations, for example temporal information, salespeople related metrics or company’s goals statistics.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Get clear, interactive visual depictions of your sales to get instant knowledge about their evolution
  • Get the ability to quickly analyze your sales regarding different aspects (for example, compare sales for a specific segment, between customers, etc.)
  • Have up-to-date metrics always available without the need to manually calculate linked KPIs.


Every company wants to offer the best customer relationship experience. This means having the most accurate insights about these relationships.

A good CRM analytical tool gives powerful insights on several customer relationship levels, for example to leverage knowledge on a company level down to a specific customer relationship. Evolusys analytical tools offer cross-reference data capabilities, to gain real insights on how customer relationship has an impact on the company’s business.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Get Cross-reference data flow to build holistic views on your customer relationships and how they impact your business.
  • Calls analysis (for example regarding calls frequency, calls coverage, reach, etc.) with specific filter options that help grasp various business topics at a glance.
  • Have always up-to-date customized metrics to help your organization increase return on investment for the marketing campaigns.

Geolocation analysis

Modern analytics allow companies to gain insight based on geolocation. Such analysis can, for example, help redefine regional activities based on accurate metrics. It can leverage powerful insights to improve the management of specific regions and so on. But building robust geolocation analysis requires advanced tools and experts to design them. With Evolusys tailored solutions, your company will get instant access to easily readable information using geocoded data.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • Readable maps with easy to use dynamic filtering capabilities to explore intuitively your geocoded data.
  • Real-time geocoded data analysis to get to a whole new level of location analyzes.

AI-supported recommender system

When dealing with customer relationship management, it is hard to define the right steps to improve relationships. Thanks to AI-supported recommender system, your company can get specific recommendations on what topics to be discussed, how often to reach customers (even individually) and so on. With Evolusys leveraging the power of AI, such systems can analyze and cross-reference your data and give you accurate recommendation to improve specified metrics. Your company can deploy new strategies based on combinations of various elements.

The sentiment analysis is an amazing tool to grasp instantly the hottest topics regarding customer relationships. Evolusys recommender system gives you instant visual and clear information about the most discussed topics, so your company can easily get more detailed information on this topic using dynamic dashboards.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  • The use of Artificial Intelligence to design reports that helps your company unveil unsuspected insights about your customer relationships
  • Deploy sentiment analysis on recorded calls. Get an overall objective view about the hottest topics regarding the customers calls
  • Individualized analysis to effectively manage each customer relationship

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