Sport Analytics

With the help of technology, the limits of sports are always pushed further, and drive an ever growing population of fans.

We provide agile solutions to help plan, manage and record sports events, from the ticketing to player performances.

Parking Usage Statistics Dashboard

A Parking Usage Statistics Dashboard can pull live data to reveal parking information through custom charts and graphs that are easy to analyze such as the number of parking space available on a game day. At a glance, sports business professionals can view crucial data and use it to improve and streamline game day operations.

Businesses can no longer afford to rely on Excel spreadsheets to keep track of parking and occupancy data. Streamline your operations to automatically promote empty spaces and immediately update your inventory when new space are available.

Event Ticketing and Venue Management Dashboard

We understand that venues and theatres need to ensure they can keep up with the pace of change in the digital era and appeal to customer demand and a shift in fan preferences.

Stadium, theatre, or live events venue would need a solid understanding of ticketing and venue data to improve their marketing startegy and target the right people.

What Evolusys will bring you :

  •  Showing which registration type (early bird vs. VIP) an attendee purchased.
  • The number of tickets sold each day compared to the number of people who expressed interest to assess the effectiveness of your pre-event marketing
  • Attendee Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score (NPS) : Event success also relies heavily on attendee experience. A positive experience helps elevate your brand personality and awareness, and encourages your attendees to return for future events.


Player Performance Dashboards

Any sports franchise’s success nowadays relies on accurately evaluating the players. The benefits of such an evaluation are multi-faceted: for instance, with such evaluations, the organization can deliver interesting performance indices to spectators, evoking curiosity and increasing engagement with the related media. It may also bring the players and organizers a better understanding of the external factors & equipments, and prepare for them accordingly.

With the advent of sensors and IoT, copious amounts of data becomes available in sports activities. Thus, in order to keep up with the competition, such organizations must tap into machine learning and data analytics for player performance evaluations.

Track player development with performance-evaluation dashboards.

With Performance Dashboard:

  • Compare players with each other – find the intervals in which the performances were significantly different.
  • Sportspeople can get immediate feedback on their performance and act accordingly to fill the gap and maximize their performance

With Flow Factor Dashboard:

  • To obtain a complete overview of the sensor information that influence their performance
  • Monitor performance evaluation for a particular player – view indices that explain the various characteristics of the run (e.g. speed)
  • Identify the impacts of equipment (e.g. tires, engine of a race car) on the overall performance of the player


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