Teams ACM Blueprint

Plan your successful adoption of MS Teams

What is Teams ?

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork, a chat-based workspace that enables teams to be more productive by giving them a single and secure location to bring together everything a team needs: chats, meetings, calls, files, and tools.
Microsoft Teams delivers on four core promises to create a digital workspace for high performing teams:
  1. Communication: provide end users a single hub for chats, meetings & calls
  2. Collaboration: enable deep integration with Office 365 Apps and content
  3. Customization: include relevant business apps in Teams with tabs, connectors and bots
  4. Governance & Security: give IT full control to govern and secure Teams’ content

How to make Teams successful

Teams success relies on user adoption. The successful adoption of Microsoft Teams represents a change in behaviour. It is more than a set of products—it is a fundamentally different way of working. This change is about people.
Every organization wants to be more effective and inspire its employees to work better together. But changing a work culture goes way beyond the effort required to deploy a new solution, employees must understand the solution’s value and engage with it daily.

Most of the organizations put their efforts in the technical delivery of the solution (architecture, services & rollout planning) and fail to have a successful adoption of the tool. Simply because they didn’t consider developing a strategy for change management to onboard every individual in the transformation.

The successful deployment of Teams must include both delivery & change management. While the project management will make sure Teams is delivered properly, the change management must ensure it is used properly, by:

  1. Managing resistance: people don’t automatically change, we must help them
  2. Preventing shadow IT: Teams must be the communication tool of choice
  3. Preparing and onboarding everyone: people need to be aware, trained and supported
  4. Considering all stakeholders: users have different needs and expertise and we can’t lose anyone

What we propose to help you

The “Teams Adoption & Change Management (ACM) Blueprint” three days workshop is designed to assist your business leaders by helping them defining their vision and outcomes, identifying use case scenarios and determine measures of accomplishment to successfully adopt Microsoft Teams in their organization.

We will support you in building a plan to drive the change, enabling your employees to adapt the way they work. We will cover the most important aspects of change to help deliver success, including training, communications, sponsors, champions, resistance management and reinforcement plans.
During the workshop, we will assist you to:

  • Identify the business outcomes / pain points to solve
  • Identify key use case scenarios
  • Demonstrate the “art of the possible”
  • Define success measures
  • Build an Adoption and Change Management plan to succeed in the transformation

The engagement framework

After a kick-off to define the mission's scope, we will conduct a three days workshop in your offices. The workshop will include an Adoption and Change Management expert from Evolusys and must be followed by your business decision makers and IT leaders for the whole duration.
As an outcome of the sessions, you will be in possession of an Adoption & Change Management plan facilitating the broad scale deployment of MS Teams to all employees with a pro-active strategy for successfully managing the change.
By the end of the “Business Decision Maker Workshop” day, your business and IT leaders have the same definition of:

  1. What Teams will bring to their organization
  2. How to reach success
  3. What must be considered to manage the change properly

By the end of the “Adoption & Change Management Planning” day, your business and IT leaders have a master change management strategy outlining the key actions to:

  1. Generate awareness and communicate with stakeholders
  2. Build a champions network to support users
  3. Manage expected resistance
  4. Build a training program
  5. Identify how to celebrate and share success

By the end of the “Report” day, a full review of the topics and decisions taken will help your organization to plan the next step for the execution of the strategy.

The key deliverables

During the workshops, we will help identify and document all the findings and decisions into two different plans that will serve as baseline for the deployment of Teams to your employees.
The “Customer Success Solution Plan”: to build the vision and how to achieve it, defining the business goals, the use cases to implement and the KPIs to measure the success.


The “Master Change Management Plan”: to build a pro-active strategy for the full execution of the Adoption & Change Management program.

Both plans will help your organization successfully deploy Teams by defining the business case and the corresponding strategy to reach the expected results.

Our expertise

With years of experience in advising and implementing collaboration solutions with Microsoft technologies, we are the ideal partner to support you in defining a strategy to deploy Teams.
As part of a global service offering, Evolusys complements its solid delivery experience with PROSCI (, a leading change management methodology. This undertaking aims to ensure our customers are successful in deploying new solutions, taking into account the human side of change.
Our technical and business expertise makes us the ideal partner for your digital transformation – with a proven 360 degrees view: business case – governance – technology deployment – adoption.


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