White Papers

Data Masking, a pillar of your Data Governance

Data nowadays holds a great value for companies as it can be a huge asset. Managing, securing and exploiting them properly can help increase efficiency and competitiveness, capture new markets, personalize and strengthen customer relationships, improve products and services, facilitate collaboration and mobility…

Social Media Analytics - Boost your market Awareness with AI and Power BI

Social media spans an ever-increasing role in our public and private communications. As such, companies have new opportunities and responsibilities beyond textbook practices

Comment Power BI garantit le contrôle et la qualité de vos données au sein de l’entreprise ?

Avez-vous déjà été exposé à des problématiques d’informations partielles ou inexactes au sein de votre pôle ?

Text Analysis for Asset Management Systems

Asset management systems, which helps its users monitor and maintain their financial assets, can greatly benefit from the Automated Analysis of Industry, Competitive and Finance news. 

Leveraging preferences in recommender system

Machine learning helps businesses improve their cross-selling capabilities and increase customer loyalty. In fact, many companies nowadays deploy recommender systems, which infer their customers’ preferences to propose them personalized products or services.